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Why use Accent Consultants?


Award Winning Language Training

Accent Consultants has won the UK Trade & Investment "National Trainer of the Year Award" for Languages for Export, in†recognition of the quality of our services. We have built up an enviable reputation through our rigorous approach to quality. Thousands of clients trained in over fifty foreign languages; satisfaction and success guaranteed every time!

Tailor-Made Language Courses

We will provide you with a tailor-made programme to match your exact foreign language needs. Our native, qualified and experienced tutors will guide you through every step of your learning, and they will also keep the content fun and varied! We will go to great lengths to ensure the quality of your training and help you achieve every one of your goals.  With over 25 years' experience of providing foreign language courses to major corporate and public organisations worldwide, Accent Consultants has pioneered the development and delivery of innovative and effective foreign language course solutions.  Our language training team comprises more than 200 foreign language trainers who are able to provide you and your organization with a foreign language course in any world language you may require, from French to Chinese, Arabic to Somali.

Personalized Service

Accent Consultants views each client's needs equally, regardless of the size and scope of the assignment. Our staff is trained will look after each client as if it were our only client. Our project managers are available to respond to client enquiries or service requests at any time. We are only a phone call or an email message away, so you are always assured the personal touch.

Qualified Experienced Professionals

Our native linguists possess the optimal combination of language skill, cultural knowledge, industry certifications, academic qualifications and practical experience in their respective fields. Our network of over 1,600 multinational professionals includes translators, interpreters, and language tutors who are available to provide their services worldwide.

Accurate and Consistent Translations

We use specialist software to create and store online glossaries with our clients„į•cialist terminology. Our technology allows us to apply the terminology consistently every time. It also allows us to work with a wide range of file types without changing the format of your original document.  Our linguists are highly skilled within the translation industry, and our systems of in-house testing and validation ensure clients get the highest quality translation.  We can provide certified translations as well as notarized translations if required.

A Passion for Quality

Accent Consultants employs standard Quality Assurance (QA) procedures on each assignment. All foreign language products are developed and reviewed by teams of professionals. The combination of expert linguists and experienced project managers ensure total satisfaction for our clients. We provide translations of such a standard that they appear original, as if they had been originally written in that language. Our interpreters and tutors will also exceed all expectations.

Timelines and Reliability

Accent Consultants delivers large volumes of accurate translations within the most demanding deadlines. We assign the same team of linguists to a client over time, and thus allow our translators to become familiar with the client's style, key terminology, and preferred formats. Building ongoing relationships provides a solid base to be able to meet client deadlines and produce a high quality product time after time. We deliver the impossible on daily basis!

Our Wide and Varied Experience

Our experience spans decades, industries and sectors. All of our clients have exceptionally high standards. They value accuracy and speed of response. They all come back. New customers come to us for many reasons. In some cases, theyŚ†§rawn by our experience in their area of expertise or in the service they require. But most frequently, it is because we have been highly recommended by existing customers. Our record speaks for itself!

Professional Interpreting

Whether you need us to help with a brief foreign visit, or with the set up a five day multinational conference, the service you receive will be highly professional. From equipment hire to terminology briefings, Accent Consultants will take away the strain and leave you time to reap the success of your event.

Excellent Prices

Our pricing is highly competitive and our costing methods are transparent.   We offer detailed quotations, and keep projects within the assigned budget. We keep our overheads low, which means that we have some of the most competitive prices in the industry.   We provide customers with the most cost effective human translation services around, so you can say good-bye to clumsy machine translations and expensive professional agencies.

Hundreds of companies have trusted us with all their language needs - be it language training, translations or interpreting - and so can you!

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“Maria, the meetings were very successful for us; thank you very much.  The interpreter played an essential role throughout the 2 days, providing a high standard of communication on both the commercial and technical fronts.  She established a healthy rapport with the customer and quickly gained their confidence.  This proved to be invaluable to ARA as we received essential background information from her which directly affected our commercial strategy and resulted in a good commercial position for our company.  She was a pleasure to work with and worked as an integral part of the ARA team, which was truly commendable.  Once again we have nothing but praise for the services provided by Accent.  Thank you very much for all your efforts.”

Paul Hammond

Head of Programmes

Aircraft Research Association Ltd

“Thank you for a brilliant service; the Lithuanian interpreter was simply fantastic!  And to turn around the translation of the paperwork needed for the disciplinary hearing over the week-end was greatly appreciated.”

Richard Hucklesby


Topper Cases Ltd

“I would like to take this opportunity to send my high praises and appreciation to my English tutor.  The lessons were far better and much more productive than my initial expectation!  One great ability she has is to discover the improvement areas and design the weekly learning materials based on that.  Credit to you too for finding me such a good English as a Foreign Language teacher”.

Kim Thye

Business Director


“We have had a very successful meeting with our customers today.  The Italian interpreter was really nice and extremely professional.  He did a great job for us.  I didn’t get the chance to thank him; so please pass on my comments!”

Jeff Millward

Plant Manager

Solo Cup Europe

“Thank you very much for our excellent multilingual translations.  Your standard of work -individually, and as a company- has been fantastic; you are efficient, thorough and work to a very high standard.”

Sara de Silva

Sales Coordinator

The Brampton Company

“Translations isn’t something we need doing too often as a company, but whenever we have needed them Accent are the first company I think of.  Prices are very competitive, communication superb & turnaround extremely quick!  Thanks a lot!”

Adrian Clark

Operations Manager


“We were very pleased and satisfied with the consecutive conference interpreting service provided by Accent Consultants.   The cost was very reasonable and the communication excellent.  Also, the Italian Interpreter Elisabetta was helpful, friendly and professional.  We are planning to use their services again for our next events.  I would recommend Accent Consultants' service, as is second to none!”

Patrizia Della Vedova

Founder and Art Director


Windcloak Film Production

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