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Interpreting Equipment Hire

We at Accent Consultants provide you a convenient one-stop solution to all your interpreting needs.  We offer state-of-the-art interpreting equipment including interpreter's booths, transmitters, receivers/headsets, microphones, consoles and all related sound and audio components to enable the interpretation at your meeting or event.  We will take care of every aspect of your needs from the technical set-up of all equipment to the provision of the native interpreters and the recording of the proceedings. 

The correct equipment will depend in part on your meeting layout, and we will provide a recommendation for your specific setting and circumstances.  If you already have some of the equipment in place, we will happily provide the rest as well as the native professional interpreters for each language required.

Flexibility is a priority to us and we are aware that conferences and meetings come in all shapes and sizes.  No matter how big or small your request, we can ensure you get the interpreting equipment you need.  From small scale business meetings to multilingual conferences, we have the first hand experience to guarantee satisfaction.

Please notify us of any interpreting systems or any other conference equipment that you may need for your event well in advance.  Our technicians can install an appropriate system at the specified location on request.  There are many things to bear in mind during the planning and organization of a conference. One of the first things to consider is the choice of a suitable interpreting system, as well as the position of the interpreting booths if needed, which will depend on the nature of the event.

At conferences where presentations or speeches are given, the speaker stands at a lectern or on stage with an attached microphone, so that both the participants and the interpreters can hear the speaker.  The interpreting booth is therefore placed at the back of the room, so that the interpreters sit facing the speaker and are able to see any slide or data projections that may be used.

When participants ask questions or contribute to the discussion, they need to use standing microphones in the aisles or wireless microphones that are passed out in order to ensure that they can be heard by the interpreters at all times.

During round table meetings, participants sit in small groups around a table where a microphone is positioned.  Participants speak one at a time so that they are heard clearly by the interpreters in the cabins.  At the same time, the participants can also plug in their headphones to hear the translation in their native language. The interpreting booth is placed so that the interpreters have a good view of the events.

The interpreting equipment is usually installed the day before the event.  Please also allow time for set up and dismantling ("set and strike").  Our technicians take care of the transportation, set up and dismantling, operation and maintenance of the systems and are present during the event.  Here is a list of some of the interpreting equipment you may need, together with a brief description which will help you chose what would be more suitable from within our recommendations.

Conference Microphones

They are used for any meeting where many or all delegates will participate in the proceedings.  They come with built-in loud speakers to enable everyone to be heard, and hear, clearly at meetings.  They can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated into an existing PA set-up.

The style of conference or event will dictate what types of microphones need to be installed.  They may be any or a combination of the following:

  • Tie/lapel microphones, which allow the wearer to move around and speak.
  • Lectern microphones, which enable speakers to talk directly to their audience.
  • Table microphones, which can either be controlled by the system operator or by delegates using push-to-talk microphones.
  • Question and Answer microphones, which are hand held and can be taken to members of an audience when they want to speak.
  • Stand microphones, which are placed around a conference hall for the audience to walk up to when asking questions.

Meetings that take the form of discussions around a table would usually involve a digital microphone system.

Wireless Infrared Receivers/Headsets

For presentations to an audience, theatre-style, we would suggest our digital or infrared system which includes receivers/headsets.  It uses infrared audio transmission and can support up to 32 languages.  In addition, the system can be used to provide facilities for the hard of hearing for any or all channels, as well as outputs for recording and external audio.

In a standard conference set-up, each delegate has a headset through which they listen to the live translation in their chosen language.  The receivers can be earpieces or light weight headphones, and can be tuned into a range of channels by using a simple switch; individual volume levels are selected with a gain control.  Delegates are free to move about unrestricted by wires.

Interpreting Booths

Simultaneous interpreting for a multi-lingual event will require sound-proofed booths.  Our booths conform to the ISO 4043 standard and the requirements for EU interpreters.

We work with event organizers to ensure the venue has sufficient space to accommodate the booths, and our booths have configuration options for maximum flexibility:

  • Size: The size of the booths can vary according to the number of interpreters required per language.
  • Configuration: The doors can be placed either at the back or at the side of the booth allowing for best use of the space inside the meeting room.
  • Location: It is preferable to locate the booths in the same room as the event; however, where this is not possible we can locate booths in a separate room and provide audio and video links.

Wireless Tour Guide System

This lightweight and portable sound transmission system is ideally suited for small groups (under 20 delegates using a small number of languages) working on the move or for language interpretation in noisy environments such as factories and plants.

It features rechargeable battery-powered headset receivers and a handheld battery-powered microphone transmitter with integrated antenna.  

The receivers come with an integrated storage case and battery charger, which can fully recharge headsets in under 14 hours, and the microphone / transmitter is supplied with a lavalier for hands-free use.

Some of the situations where this system would be used are: factory tours, plant visits, site visits, out-of-office tours, and any conversations taking place on the move or in noisy locations.


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Interpreting Equipment Hire



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