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How will my progress be checked?

At Accent Consultants we ensure that participants are making the expected progress through regular testing. This takes place within the class through progress assessments, by reviewing all work covered, and by consolidating work outside the lessons (homework!) and having it be checked by the tutor.

Having a “mental deadline” - an exam date and level, for instance, or a meeting abroad – can prove to be a good incentive. General language exams and Chamber of Commerce exams can be taken and the candidates prepared for, if the client so wishes.

Progress reports can be prepared quarterly if required as a means of monitoring progress and assessing future needs. We can use our own company format and/or refer to the BULATS reporting system (Business Language Testing Service) as set up by the European Council’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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“We would like to thank you and your company for the delivery of an excellent language course.  We learnt Spanish working through UKTI funding.   Graham and I found it both rewarding and helpful, and our Spanish tutor was simply excellent.  Should we have further needs in the future I will certainly be in touch. “ 

Sandra Macgregor
Commercial Finance Director
Macgregor Welding Systems Ltd.


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